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The Light of Wisdom has Died (Gyan Mata Sita)

by Bhikshu Mahapragya chorus: Wind came through the window, the light just went out. Oh mother! How shall I close this window? The eighteen good human qualities are missing, While trying to find them, the light just went out. (1) Exceedingly beautiful, the jewel of understanding is lost; Searching searching, you cannot find it; the light just went out. (2) The house of the five elements [i.e. the human body], it is so beautiful, It may be beautiful, but it has no grace; the light just went out. (3) A window may have a bolt, and you can make a window seem closed, But there is no bolt of understanding; the light just went out. (4) Oh devotees, listen to what the followers of the Buddha have said: [Peering out] through the window, the five senses have spoilt the mind. (5) (Dhammalok & Amritanand 1984: 66)
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