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Rains Retreat Sunday Buddha Puja (24-7-2016 to 16-10-2016)

As part of 3 months


Kathina (Robe Offering) Ceremony: - 23-10-2016

Members, Friends, and well-wishers of Lumbini Nepalese Buddha Dharma Society (UK) as a co-sponsor of Kathina this year participated at the Kathina (Robe offering) ceremony held on 23rd October 2016 at Kingsbury Vihara (Sri Saddhatissa International Buddhist Centre), 309-311 Kingsbury Road, London, NW9 9PE along with huge number of Sri Lankans and people from other communities. The programme of the day was as follows:

1) 6 AM - Kathina Bastra Jatra/Dana and Breakfast
2) 11 AM - Midday meal (Bhojan dana) for Bhantes and (Robe Offering)
3) 3.30 PM - Kathina chivar dana, and Dharma talks in Sinhalese, English and Nepali.
4) 5.30 - PM Close

Atavashi Buddha Puja to pay homage to 28 previous Buddhas from Tanhankar Buddha, Mahankar Buddha, Dipankar Buddha etc. to historical Shakyamuni Buddha was held on 22-10-2016 (See Photo).

Ten Venerable monks attended the ceremony including our society


2560th Buddha Jayanti News (Sunday, 29-5-2016)

This year our society celebrated Buddha Jayanti (2560th) with some positive changes which included children


Kathina Invitation ceremony and Dana offering 17th July 2016 At Kingsbury Vihara, 309-311 Kingsbury Road, London, NW9 9PE

Our society organised Dana offering and Kathina Invitation ceremony on Sunday, 17th July 2016 at Kingsbury Vihara to formally request Venerable Monks to accept our society


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