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Buddhism in Nepal

Buddhism is one of the religions deeply embedded in Nepalese culture and custom. Swayambhu Purana mentions previous Buddhas like Vipassi visited and meditated in Nepal. According to the Asoka pillar found on various sites, Kakusandha and Konagama Buddhas were also born in Kapilavastu in Southern Nepal, hometown of historical Sakyamuni Gotama Buddha.

It is generally believed that The Buddha and his follower monks visited Nepal on several occasions during his life time. 300 years after his passing away , Emperor Asoka of India visited Nepal and built pillars in various sacred Buddhist sites like Lumbini (the Buddha's birth place), and Kapilavastu (the Buddha's hometown). He also built four stupas on four corners of perimeters of Patan which are still well preserved to commemorate his visit to Kathmandu valley in 250 BC (Holy Places of Buddhism in Nepal & India by Majupurias).

One of the Emperor's daughters Charumati Bhikshuni visited Nepal and propagated the Buddha’s teaching. She also built the Charumati monastery where she spent the rest of her life. Buddhism flourished in Nepal during this period.

In modern day Nepal we can find various type of Buddhism practised. Such as:

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